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According to the National Association of Realtors, if you're considering the sale of your home it may be beneficial to put it on the market sooner rather than later. 

Don't let the cold weather deter you from listing NOW! Here's why:

1) The National Association of Realtors numbers indicate that the number of active buyers in the market right now is the highest it's been in a year.  Take advantage of serious, qualified buyers while they are looking for homes.


2) It's simple math, there is less competition right now. Most sellers want to wait to put their home on the market.  Some reasons include their yard covered in snow, it's darker earlier, they want to spring clean first. But, in fact, so many sellers think this way, that in March the inventory will increase leaving you with more competitors and driving your price down.

3) What may take 45 days in March may only take 21 days today. Because there are not as many transactions closing right now, both the lending and legal processes are moving along at a quicker pace.

4) You'll get more bang for your buck. Make a move up while the interest rates are still low.  

5) What is your WHY? What's important to you about making a move? Is it to provide your growing family with a comfortable home? Is it to move closer to family? Make it happen now.  Why wait?

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Posted by David Bistany-Team Leader on February 14th, 2017 1:15 PM

The news may come as a surprise to many, but not to Liberty Realty luxury home specialist David Bistany.

A new study by SmartAsset, a financial technology company based in New York, shows that Jersey City surges ahead of Irvine, California and Plano, Texas (#2 and #3, respectively) as the most livable city in the country.

Factors taken into account include population density, walkability, crime rates and annual income after housing.

David says that the study’s results confirm what he knew all along: Jersey City features the best of both worlds: the high salaries and job opportunities of Manhattan (with an easy commute) and a much lower cost of living.

The study seems to prove itself every day, as an influx of investors from Manhattan and Brooklyn flock to this side of the river. Even with the uptick in mortgage rates and the Presidential election drama, buyers are seeking more room and affordability.

The Hoboken/Jersey City market status as of now: low inventory and high demand. In fact, properly priced properties are often selling amidst bidding wars.

Brownstones are starting at $1.5M and peaking at around $4M, while two-bedroom condos are starting at about $650k. Particular hotspots include Journal Square and downtown Jersey City.

As a tight-budget alternative, Jersey City Heights is the reasonably priced solution. For instance, a completely updated 2BD/2BTH condo with parking can be had for about $4-450k. Compare that to Hoboken, where the same property may list for $650-$700k.

David adds that, unlike the rest of the country, there has been no downturn in this market and it will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

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Posted by David Bistany-Team Leader on February 8th, 2017 5:13 PM